Majestic the Card Game

Ranked Battles

Our Competitive mode offers great rewards for those up to the challenge.
Will you be the first player to become a Majer?


Majestic will be AVAILABLE FOR FREE on PC through Steam and on iOS/Android/Windows Phone.

If the stretch goal is reached we will port the game to Playstation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch

Fast Gameplay

In Majestic, a turn can only last up to 1 minute so you need to be quick on your mind and act fast.


Majestic is a competitive fast-paced strategy card game developed by Italian Indie Game Development Company MoonWolf Entertainment.
Players can build decks that have a total of 20 creature cards and 10 equipment cards.
Out of these, only 5 creature cards and 3 equipment cards will be randomly selected from the chosen deck at the beginning of the match.
You can place your cards on a 3x3 Gameboard; placing it near enemy cards will allow you to conquer them as long as your attack value is higher than your enemy's. The game ends when all cards are placed on the board and victory is awarded to the player that has the most points (cards conquered).
In Majestic there are no hidden cards. To promote strategic thinking all cards (including enemy ones) are visible from the start of the match.

Majestic the Card Game






Powerful Elements


Possible Ranks